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Kamis, 30 Agustus 2012

Special Report from Chris Kennedy, the #1 Stock guru in America

بِسْــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم

"Two Geeks From New York Swear Under Oath That Their Innovative Twitter Stock Site Is Not Illegal!"

… Read About How You Could Use This Twitter site to Earn Thousands of Dollars:

 What I am about to share with you, is a very unusual story.

Unusual… because it is about 2 “geeks”‚ named Jesse and Steve. Who have devised and developed one of the first commercially available Stock Twitter tools all available on the social networking site, Twitter. The two men decided to call their site StockTweets.
StockTweets came about after Jesse developed the famous “Global Alpha” computer stock trading model, while contracted to Goldman Sachs. A piece of software which most years is responsible for…
$4,000,000,000+ Annual Trading Profit
With this software project completed, Jesse looked for a new way to line his pockets. Unfortunately he had signed a Non Compete and NDA agreement with Goldman Sachs, forbidding him to create software which trades derivatives and similar financial instruments (like Global Alpha).
After 3 weeks of being temporarily unemployed, Jesse who was very wealthy and very bored... was checking through his Twitter account as he does every morning when he got a brainwave. He wanted to come up with a tracking tool that was able to search through Twitter using algorithms to scan what stocks are going to be the next big movers in the market.
Now Jesse knew that he wanted to use the world of Twitter to run the base of his stock site but he also had a big idea on what angle to take with it. Now at Goldman Sachs and most other large investment funds are at a major disadvantage. They often manage portfolios of up to $10,000,000,000 (ten billion dollars) - and because of this when they invest in stocks their scope is limited to just a few of the worlds largest firms (Coca-Cola, Google).
This problem is widespread amongst fund managers whom manage large amounts of capital. In fact Warren Buffet (Whom manages $53 billion) has the exact same problem.
Jesse knew he could take advantage of this. By developing his software he could manage funds between $100 and $500,000. With managing such a small comparative amount, Jesse's software could yield much higher returns. In fact it is designed to trade in the volatile penny stock market where stocks can increase 400% in a matter of minutes.
Jesse knew that if he really wanted to make StockTweets the biggest and best he could he would need to bring in a partner who had the expertise and desire to jump on bored with the project. That man was Steve Johnson.
Steve and Jesse had been friends for years after meeting as apprentices at an investment company at the beginning of their careers. The two went their seperate ways but always remaind friends. While Jesse was working at Goldman Sachs, Steve had become one of the best fund managers around but not only this, Steve was also a social networking expert.
The two created the Twitter tool. StockTweets works by tracking and scanning the Twitter network using algorithms to search through and analyze the text content of daily Twitter feeds. This tracker is then cross-validated by a search through all news relating to stocks.
Once StockTweets has completed its search the two men are then left with a very accurate and up to date bunch of stocks that are being talked about in the market. Below is an example stock chart that is put together once StockTweets completes it analysis. For all it looks like something NASA would be proud of... it is merely showing the stocks changes in price against time
The various changes in price (when made into a chart) form what traders call "chart patterns" and it is exactly these price patterns Jesse and Steve are looking for.
stocks screenshot

When first activated, StockTweets will use its own database to perform a scan of stocks trading on the OTC and Pink sheet exchanges and find a link between Twitter trends. During this time StockTweets is looking for companies whom are forming bullish trading patterns.(stocks about to increase)
Steve helped Jesse program StockTweets to identify (in split second timing) distinct trading patterns from a vast range of 6578, held in StockTweets's internal database to the Twitter feeds.
If StockTweets identifies a clean, uncongested chart pattern, that is proven to yield a good risk/reward - Then the stock will be added to StockTweets "Watch List". All of these "watched stocks" will be forming bullish patterns (indicating the stock is about to rise).
This watch list has two distinct advantages. The first and most obvious is that StockTweets can easily monitor hundreds of stocks at the same time. The second is that StockTweets is programmed on an "evolutionary framework". What this means, is that as StockTweets is watching hundreds of stock patterns it actually learns the most likely direction of stock prices under thousands of situations.
Why Does That Matter?
It means that StockTweets can be extremely selective, waiting until all the correct criteria line up until a trade recommendation is made.
Often StockTweets will disregard profitable trades... In favour of a potentially more profitable trade occurring at the same time
After creating StockTweets to version 1.0... The two input a trading capital of $1000 and set it running. StockTweets spent 13 hours analysing all of the days Twitter feeds. After those 13 hours StockTweets made it's first ever stock recommendation...
LPTC.OB Trading at $0.74
Per Share.
Steve placed the trade in his online brokerage account with $1000 invested, as the market closed for the night.
The following morning (a Tuesday) the stock climbed to $1.05 within the first 3 hours (a 42% increase).
Something 'magical' had just happened. In Steve Johnson's dark, damp basement the first ever profitable stock-Twitter tool was created.
Steve Johnson was vital to StockTweets success and so on that day. The 16th of January 2011. Jesse and Steve signed a legally binding contract. Both swore themselves to "secrecy". No one would know about StockTweets. Not Steve's trading partners... Not Jesse's old Global Alpha colleagues... Not anyone.
Within the next few days Steve and Jesse rented a commercial lock-up where their new business was to be stationed. They drove to the nearest Best Buy and bought 12 brand new laptops.
Back at the lock-up Jesse set-up a wireless network and configured each laptop. They spent the first night setting up each laptop v1.1 of StockTweets. Yes you guessed it...
Jesse & Johnson Were Setting Up A Lockup
To House StockTweets...
StockTweets Was To Monitor the Social Network...
24 Hours a Day
By setting up StockTweets on a network, with 12 versions of "itself" running at the same time - its internal database of patterns was able to grow at a much faster rate.

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